Serve & Grow


The command God gave us is to go make disciples. Serving is one of the primary ways to measure a disciple of Jesus Christ. This year we are being more intentional in providing a pathway to serve. Primarily,  we will focus on is setting up spiritual gift classes to assist in discovering your spiritual gift as well as your God-given passions.


As stated before, God expects each of us to make disciples as well as become a disciple. A disciple that stops growing starts dying. We intend to challenge everyone to take the next step in his or her journey of faith. The best measurement of spiritual growth is love. How well do you love everyone? Are you patient, kind, forgiving and forbearing? Love is the mark of spiritual maturity. We intend to accomplish this through providing places of belonging and places of serving.

We'd love to meet you.

Whatever your faith background, we invite you to come and join us as we experience God's love and grow in our faith together.

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