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For too long the church has embraced emotional immaturity. It has failed you by saying that you should not be feeling feelings if you are truly surrendered to Jesus. That’s just not true, and you will miss out on important areas of life in which you can grow. So we will be spending a few weeks talking about grief. Grief is a process of accepting the reality of loss no matter how big or small, and continuing on in life with the peace of acceptance rather than suppressing messy feelings.

To prepare for this, I’ve got some resources available to you on the NorthGate app under the notes section. There you can take an emotional health assessment and find out how emotionally mature you are, and find out what areas might need some growth.

Emotional Health Assessment

'Good Grief' by Granger E. Westberg

The Little Black Funeral Dress: Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Grief by Shirley L. Thiessen

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship: Moving from Shallow Christianity to Deep Transformation  by Pete Scazzaro